Change is constant! Learn how to effectively lead in the midst of a changing world.

When I first heard about this book, I was eager to dive in and begin reading. If one thing is for certain in this world, it is that things and circumstances around us will change. How we react and respond to the rapidly changing world around us is important not only personally, but for those we lead. We are all called to lead, whether it is in your family, community, church or business. If applied properly, the concepts discussed in this book will help you to be more effective in creating positive change in your sphere of influence. In Chapter 5, I found the discussion on identity extremely timely. It is important to periodically step back and evaluate our individual identity. The ability to accurately answer your “who am I” question is imperative as it is a driving force that impacts most decisions we make.

I see this book as a must-read for anyone trying to extend their influence and lead effectively. The principles and concepts outlined in this book will help you become more effective in multiple facets of your life. It is a quick and easy read book with practical examples that you can use immediately!


A practical tool & resources to navigate reality of the ever-changing times we in which we live

The book is a delightful mixture of the nuts and bolts of the Furtures Framework along with real world stories to bring an understanding of the concepts and how to apply. It is applicable to both work in the Kingdom and work in the world. A quick and easy read with step-by-step guidance on creating your own Futures Framework to navigate the current challenge you and your organization are facing.

Mary Alice

Be brave in this ever changing world !

“What Comes Next ? “ arrived at a no more important time than in the midst of a pandemic. Ali and Nick have created a book that will impact the future of how the truths of God will be heard and received. We need each other like never before to share His truths of love.


A framework for thinking through the endless possibilities

What Comes Next? Many of us ask this question at various points in our lives, whether it be major life events (i.e. accepting Jesus as our Savior, graduating, getting married, having kids) or societal changes (i.e. technological availability, global pandemic) we have a tendency to look down the road and ask this crucial question. Though many of us, if not all of us, ask this very question, few have a framework for thinking through the endless possibilities and even fewer have the courage to launch into an entirely new trajectory. This book seeks to help you bridge the gap by not only giving you a framework for envisioning future possibilities but also encouraging you to see yourself as the explorer and agent of change you were created to be.

Nick & Ali remind us that “Transformation is ultimately the business we’re all in. Transformation is God’s ultimate purpose both in us and through us, which means our vocation is to help others – and the world around us – be transformed.” If you are a Christian who leads within the church or outside of the church (ideally BOTH) this book will equip you with a framework and encouragement to fulfill your role within the broader context of God’s transformative work in the world.


If you are navigating your way through the uncertain waters of a company, ministry or even family, What Comes Next is a vital read to kick off 2021

When I first heard about this book coming out, I thought that there could not be a more relevant book or book title as we navigate these uncertain pandemic times. As a Christian leader who is in the midst of launching a church plant, I am so enjoying processing major decisions through the Futures Framework. It is helping us clarify not only our desired future, but also the steps it will take to achieve it. If you are navigating your way through the uncertain waters of a company, ministry or even family, What Comes Next is a vital read to kick off 2021.

One concept I’m still chewing on from the book is one of the most common needs of all mankind–the need to belong. The book talks about belonging “being a critical step before they’re (people) are willing or able to believe in something and behave accordingly.” This has really spurred thoughts, prayers and fresh vision on how to create spaces of belonging in my church, my family and my community.

I heartily recommend this book to anyone who wants to play a vital part in shaping the future. Our work takes intentionality, and What Comes Next is just the book to help us get there.


‘What Comes Next?’ embodies theory and praxis of shaping the future

‘What Comes Next?’ embodies theory and praxis of shaping the future – from the hearts and minds of dynamic Christians who help unfold NASA, co-founded a tech firm called Quite Uncommon, and between them, serve in two difference-making churches, help Syrian refugees, complete Ironman races, and keep a lot of friends smiling and striving. To review the book requires actually doing some (needed) work. So it’s a book of perspective – historical, cultural, Biblical; it’s a book to guide self-review; it’s about about essentials of identity, vocation, community life, discernment – addressing classic journalistic and biographical matters: Who (one is), Where (one lives and moves and has her being – not least in a world linked electronically, where community and work can span continents and oceans), Why (one lives and works and has purpose), What (to do with the life and talents and energy and passions and calling one has), How (to understand, plan and execute the praxis of one’s identity and calling, to the benefit of others – how to fulfill the fundamental commandments concerning love of God, of neighbor and of self). Ali and Nick offer, briefly, clearly, practically, a workbook, a text that can be of great value to persons at any stage of life – clearly useful for those engaged in business, church, community development, entrepreneurship – in service, persuasion, leadership. And also a launch plan for those looking forward to a life and career and a wonderful life review for those looking outward from nearer life’s culmination and seeking to marshal their experience and wisdom to share as elders, mentors, grandparents – humans emeriti. A book to live through, not merely to own and read. I recommend it highly, without reservation.


If you are desiring to turn your vision for a brighter future into a reality, What Comes Next? can get you there, and the journey will be one you won’t regret!

What Comes Next? is a powerful read for anyone who desires strategy and guidance in preparing for the future of their companies, organizations, or churches. It teaches readers how to anticipate possible outcomes in innovative ways, not only based on their current situations, but based on their desired futures. The authors use scripture to lay the foundation of their framework, calling the reader to live purposefully and intentionally in all they do. Skytland and Llewellyn weave quotes from experts in a variety of fields and fascinating accounts of real life heroes and adventurers together with their own firsthand experiences to demonstrate the importance of dreaming and planning beyond the present.

This book is organized in an easy-to-follow manner and includes expertly-crafted reflection questions at the end of each chapter to help the readers apply the principles discussed to their own lives and endeavors. The reflective prompts and resources help readers to take an honest look at the way they view themselves, their fears, and their goals.

If you are desiring to turn your vision for a brighter future into a reality, What Comes Next? can get you there, and the journey will be one you won’t regret!


Be brave in this ever changing world !

“What Comes Next ? “ arrived at a no more important time than in the midst of a pandemic. Ali and Nick have created a book that will impact the future of how the truth of God will be heard and received. We need each like never before to share His truths of love.


Great insights into how we can create the future we want in an uncertain world

I’ve had the privilege to read some parts of the book, What Comes Next? Wow! Brilliantly well-written with insights that could only have come from high-performing space professionals. I invite you to grab yourself a copy of this excellent piece of work, What Comes Next?
Thanks for gifting the world this, Nick! A timely gift in 2021 to a world made even more uncertain by the covid-19 pandemic. Reading it helps me have some hopes for the future again!


Helpful leadership tool

Great leaders must look forward into the unknown. This book provides an easy to read and helpful framework to think about when leading an organization into the unknown. No matter your role (and we’re all leading someone) check out this book. Nick and Ali did a great job of giving me a new tool for leadership.


If the pandemic has shown us anything, it is that those organizations who were either unwilling or unable to think about the future in a new way will most likely not survive to learn from their mistakes

All too often, faith-based organizations, whether that be churches or non-profits, struggle with the future. They have a hard time making adjustments or embracing change out of fear that doing so is “conforming” or “not having enough faith.” Wise faith leaders know that while our mission remains constant, our perspectives, methods, and planning for the future must stay flexible as much as it should remain Biblically grounded. If the pandemic has shown us anything, it is that those organizations who were either unwilling or unable to think about the future in a new way will most likely not survive to learn from their mistakes. Now more than ever, this book is essential reading for the leader of any organization, but even more so for faith leaders. I especially liked the Next Steps section at the end of each chapter that helped me personalize what I read and begin to directly apply it to myself and my organization.


A practical, how-to guide for leaders of faith-based organizations to envision and plan for the future

‘What Comes Next?’ is a practical, how-to guide for leaders of faith-based organizations to envision and plan for the future. While the content is rich and detailed; the book is also easy to read, entertaining and the authors do a great job of providing historical and current-day stories to bring their futures framework to life.
‘What Comes Next?’ is born out of the authors real-world experience working with many organizations. The futures framework, questions, examples and tools they provide in the book and accompanying website would typically cost thousands of dollars in consulting fees.
While “What Comes Next?” is not a silver bullet and the authors don’t shy away from the fact that futures thinking is difficult and predicting the future is impossible – “What Comes Next?” is a fantastic tool and step-by-step guide for any organization that is at a crossroads and unsure of the future.


A five-star field guide to equip us as explorers and shapers of our group’s most preferable future!

In What Comes Next?, Nick Skytland and Ali Llewellyn provide us accessible concept frameworks that make the elements of strategic foresight (“futuring”) meaningful and manageable. I find that motivating! Church, ministry, and agency leaders don’t need (or want) yet another book that is too simplistic–cool, but not practical; or too complicated–erudite, but inscrutable. Because navigating current chaos and future uncertainty is too strategic to our congregations and organizations for us to miss the mark on this.
As futurists, Ali and Nick have years of experience applying their professional expertise to help leaders work with relevant principles and practices. They aren’t here to TELL us what our future holds and what to do. Instead, they provide a roadmap that SHOWS us how to figure out what is POSSIBLE and then apply foresight principles in our own context for what is PREFERABLE. I see this as inspiring hope, and hope is an active verb.
While they acknowledge our mixed feelings about things to come and how emotions can hold us back, they help us hearken back to when we were all futurists as children. They use relatable examples of how play, imagination, curiosity, and exploration set the course for things to come. They implant and feed the seed that we can be active shapers of the future instead of passive clay that takes the imprint of whatever may happen. Yes, we really can impact the way things go! But how?
Nick and Ali detail Four Forces that form this main framework in understanding and applying What Comes Next?–purpose, people, place, and technology. This is not just a set of factors, but a system of forces. A system implies more interconnections and interactions among the members, not just a bunch of independent pieces thrown into a set list. So, various intersections among these Four Forces bring out important questions that help us find clarity in our current times, so we can then navigate our own local situations.
And, as they emphasize, “Clarity precedes strategy. ” So, their equipping process facilitates better discussing, discerning, and deciding. Leaders will (1) learn about navigating uncertainty, (2) apply curiosity and creativity to have more “successful failures,” and ultimately, (3) use these experiences for a more positive trajectory in ministry endeavors.
I appreciate how they’ve made this book engaging for people like myself who process information better in pictures more than words. And in fact, they provide elements that connect with a diverse range of ways people learn: theory and story, principles and practices, statements and questions. But then, that makes sense, if we’re to lead a flock or a team, we need a field guide to conducting and compositing a theologically sound “spiritual MRI” on trends and issues that directly affect us, so we can navigate our way forward with hope and confidence, even in the midst of turmoil and uncertainty.


Realities of futures-thinking - wow!

What Comes Next is an insightful look at our ever-changing world with new perspective. Navigating this new path before us into the future and identifying our fears becomes real and thought provoking. I related to discussions on fitting in, being accepted and taking steps for making that happen in our new virtual society, while God is our center. Take a look, I think you will discover your own perspective and find answers to questions you hadn’t really asked yourself before.


Great Practical Applications for Personal and Organizations

This guide is wonderfully practical in helping to think and plan for the future. I especially like the 5 questions at the end of each chapter that make it all very personal as I apply it to my life and my organization. And I can’t wait to read and answer the questions together with my small group.


A practical guide for applying futures thinking in your organization

Familiar with the notable professional experience of Nick and Ali, I was excited to get more insight into their playbook for successfully guiding so many reputable organizations to think differently about the future. What Comes Next? did not disappoint! As a leader in corporate sustainability, I have a deep appreciation for the importance of future scenario planning in understanding how our changing world may impact an organization. The Futures Framework is a fantastic playbook for thinking through not only what the future might be or how an organization could be impacted, but also how to develop a plan that will help ensure organizational success.

What I appreciated most about this book is that it’s a working guide to implementing a proven framework. The authors provide thought-provoking questions in each chapter, and continuously remind you to write down your ideas; they also provide a supplementary worksheet and digital resources that guide you along the process.

I believe readers will find that throughout the book there are practical nuggets to implement immediately. I just finished the book a couple of days ago, and I’ve already found myself referencing the framework with my team. Reading this at the start of the new year, I also found myself applying the framework directly to my personal goals and vision.

If you’re looking for a practical guide for thinking more strategically about the future of your organization, What Comes Next? Is a great resource. If you put in the work, the Futures Framework will provide a great plan for defining a new path for you and your organization!


Making an Impact

A very thoughtful book that comes right at a time when many of us need just that. Many people are finding themselves at a crossroads, personally or in their ministry. What Comes Next? gives very specific tools and frameworks through which one can seek to break through to their calling for the next season. I have found myself at such a place, and chapter 12 on Impact has me dwelling on the idea that the kind of work God usually calls you to is the kind of work that (a) you most need to do and (b) the world most needs to have done. Quite a filter to sift possibilities through.


A must read for anyone living in uncertain times

As a Christian I strive to be proactive not only in my missional endeavors, but also in my personal life. What Comes Next provides the tools to map out my goals in both arenas via the “futures framework”. Knowing that I suffer from debilitating “nearsightedness” the challenge to zoom out and “shift my perspective” is a resolution for 2021. Skytland and Llewellyn strategically walk the reader through how, while living in such uncertain times and navigating unprecedented situations we can still chase our dreams. At the end of each chapter they give the reader fantastic questions to allow you to take what you just read and make it personal. I highly recommend this book if you lead others in any capacity or are seeking to be a future thinking person.


Taking an active role in creating your future

I really enjoyed this book. It’s a fresh take on shaping our futures and taking an active role in creating it, even though we obviously can’t predict the future. The authors tie in real-world examples of explorers (e.g. Shackelton, astronauts, biblical figures), and has practical ways to apply this framework to your thinking. The questions posed are thoughtful and lead to great reflection (or discussion if you’re reading this as a group). As we’re all in unprecedented times where the future is even blurrier, it’s a great tool and resource to help you “work towards the future you want to create” and “be an active participant” in your future.


A Bold New Vision of the Futures!

Very rarely does a book like this come along and not only recognizes the necessity of the planning for multiple possible outcomes, but so wonderfully articulates the methodology for how to navigate them. What Skytland and Llewellyn have managed to create is not only a vital lesson plan for pragmatic leadership planning, but also an instructional manual for guiding your business, congregation or even yourself through these ever-changing times. Backed up with equal amounts science as scripture, What Comes Next should be required reading for anyone interested in growing their leadership capabilities.


An energetic and optimistic read

This compact, rich book skillfully and simultaneously affirms and challenges the reader. While focused on futures thinking and innovation, it also grounds plans in Christ’s incarnation. This is significant for production and design, but also for building relationships and community; I really appreciated this wholistic approach.

Each element of their futures framework is thoughtfully presented, with helpful examples and practical application questions at the end of each chapter. I specifically enjoyed the section on design. While offering recommended process methodologies and design questions to explore, it doesn’t abandon the importance of empathy and care for the people involved.


Insight into futures-thinking that will help help you achieve success

Once I got into ‘What Comes Next?’, I became enticed by the possibility that this book might very well apply to areas of my life even though I have been retired for several years. As a volunteer in the Kairos prison ministry, I have been tagged with the responsibility of leading the next weekend event at a prison unit in Texas that will be held when the unit has been reopened to volunteers after the Covid-19 pandemic is over. I expect the Futures Framework process espoused by Ali and Nick will open my mind and provide me with a way to move my team forward into the uncharted waters of post-pandemic ministry. I sincerely feel this book can offer anyone insight into futures-thinking that will help them achieve success in whatever ministry, organization or business they are part of.


The book was a reminder that no matter who we are, what we are doing, or what stage of life we are in, we all have choices to make that will impact our future

Being retired from the business world for over 5 years, I was uncertain how the principles in “What Comes Next?” would apply to my current life. While the book was written primarily for leaders of business and religious organizations, I was surprised and pleased to find that the Futures Framework could apply to a contented retiree as well. The book was a reminder that no matter who we are, what we are doing, or what stage of life we are in, we all have choices to make that will impact our future. If we focus on our future (or futures) intentionally, we will be better able to accomplish the purposes God has for us in this world. The authors of “What Comes Next?” have given us an easy to understand framework to help us envision our preferred future and a guide to help us accomplish it — if we are willing to follow the steps and do the work.


Couldn't recommend this book enough!

What Comes Next couldn’t have come at a better time in this world. This book brings perspective to the obstacles we face when looking forward and provides the reader with tools to adapt and change their trajectory to the future they so strongly desire. The authors wrote a book with relatable stories from their own lives and provided readers with tangible, easy to follow steps to identify and design a path to a future that could change this world. The questions or “next steps” after every chapter really helped guide me to thinking critically about what is important to me for my future and what I am trying to accomplish in the process. Couldn’t recommend this book enough!


It’s not enough to have a great idea - you have to actually launch it!

Our planning for the future often depends on an approach we learned in childhood. We draw a straight line from today to next year and prepare for the future based on our recent experiences, best guesses, and current gut feelings,” write Nicholas Skytland and Alicia Llewellyn. “The problem with this is that the potential of this approach is limited by what we currently know and have personally experienced. We don’t make room for the unknown and unfamiliar.”

In What Comes Next: Shaping the Future in an Ever-Changing World, Skytland and Llewellyn lay out a better strategy for planning for that uncertain future, viewing the world as though looking through a kaleidoscope, creating controlled sections of the uncertain chaos. In the book, they present what they call the Futures Framework, a framework that uses the Four Forces of purpose, people, place, and technology, as well as the areas where those forces intersect, to plan out a set of potential futures.

Designed for Christian leaders in ministry, church, or nonprofit vocation, What Comes Next is a quick and easy read. It tackles a lot of complex topics without getting bogged down into technical jargon or overly academic writing. The book is meant to be put into action, part theoretical and part workbook, each chapter including a lot of reflection questions and ending with action steps. The book is designed to guide you through your own future planning, for you to apply concepts as you read them, finishing the book with an actionable plan.

With a separate chapter for each of the eight intersections of the Four Forces, Skytland and Llewellyn give enough detail in each part of framework for leaders to take action — dreaming up possible futures, laying out pathways, creating action steps – without getting too bogged down into details.

While working at NASA, Skytland and Llewellyn had a lot of experience designing “paper rockets” — plans that were visionary, affordable, and doable but still were never implemented, instead being placed on a dusty shelf in an office building. “The reason that many grand visions never turn into anything other than gravitationally challenged paper studies isn’t that the idea itself was flawed, but because the will to implement the vision wasn’t there,” they write. “It’s not enough to have a great idea. You have to actually launch it.” What Comes Next is intended to help Christian leaders not only come up with the right ideas based on futures thinking, but also to help them launch those ideas.

Most leaders have become disillusioned with the traditional planning and budgeting process, knowing that the system doesn’t work because they’re not accounting for an uncertain future. For anyone who wants to take an educated, systematic look at their future to more accurately plan for what’s ahead, What Comes Next is a must-read.


Very highly recommended

What Comes Next – This book contains a treasure chest of tools, perspectives, and a solid/practical framework to shape and guide your journey to the Preferred Future state. Whether leading a corporation or a ministry, these concepts are scalable and critically valuable to methodically set a course for the future. This is also reinforced with the challenges and lessons of many key Bible characters, as well as much Biblical truth. The book is professionally written, organized, and interesting, with many real-life examples. I am ready to apply this framework to advance my ministry to the next level of impact for the Kingdom.


The Futures Framework gives leaders a concrete tool to identify and evaluate their organization’s core values, talent, culture, barriers, resources, and so much more.

I cannot think of a more timely publication! This book is a perfect resource for leaders in these uncertain, rapidly changing times. WcN inspires and challenges us to face our fears, invest in relationships, and make strategic decisions to shape our futures. The Futures Framework gives leaders a concrete tool to identify and evaluate their organization’s core values, talent, culture, barriers, resources, and so much more. It is like a roadmap for leaders to analyze and develop a plan to reach an ideal future. 
“What Comes Next?” has reminded me that I started my business to make an impact and that taking the time to evaluate and define a preferred future can have an even greater impact. It has helped me think outside the box, tear down barriers in my mind, and sharpen core values. It’s inspired me to invest more time in collaboration and developing relationship and trust with my team. And it’s encouraged me to keep taking innovative risks for a better future. I highly recommend “What Comes Next?” for anyone leading an organizational team of any kind!