Navigating Uncertainty Podcast

The COVID-19 Pandemic overturned the daily life of ministry. With churches closed, visitations limited, and the whole world descending into online communities, ministry leaders often felt frustrated that the “new normal” left their ministry paradigms in a broken mess. BUT what if, instead of feeling frustrated and out of step, you were able to harness change to lead INTO the future, instead of returning again and again to the same broken model? In this podcast, you’ll listen in on a coaching session with Nick and Ali on how church leaders can adapt through the crisis. Join us to gain ideas, insight and strategy for maximizing the current change and prepares you for whatever comes next.


Welcome to the Navigating Uncertainty Podcast

Podcast 1

The Birth Story | Who we are, why we wrote it, what to expect

Podcast 2
The Overview Effect | The Futures Framework and how it's structured
Podcast 3
Kids are the Best Futurists | What futures thinking is and why you should care
Podcast 4
The Theology of Futures | What does the Bible tell us about the future?
Podcast 5
Exploration and Curiosity | Our charge to dare mighty things and the tale of Shackleton
Podcast 6
Paper Rockets | Why vision is not enough and what you can do about it
Podcast 7
2020. Let's talk about it. | What just happened? A conversation about COVID, the great commission and what it means for the church
Podcast 8
Having Impact | Deep impact doesn't require an asteroid
Podcast 9
Coffee Beans and Transformation | Starbucks, digital church and what could come next
Podcast 10
Infinite Possibilities | Are you called to disrupt the status quo? If so, where do you go next?