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In What Comes Next?, strategists and innovation experts Nick Skytland and Ali Llewellyn use the eight elements of their Futures Framework to teach us how to help shape the future, be visionary, and grow our businesses and ministries. This futures-thinking process is a proven solution for executives, entrepreneurs, pastors, and anyone in between who struggles to respond to an ever-changing world.

Many books for Christian leaders are either too simplistic or too complicated.

The simplistic ones may bring good ideas or inspiring stories but don’t help you think and act differently. The complicated ones may show you how smart the author is, but the content only bogs you down in your busy world. In What Comes Next, Nick and Ali have done the work and walk us across the razor’s edge. It is stunningly simple yet profound; it’s super-readable yet comprehensive. We desperately need more books like this today. It will be your guide for a lifetime of innovation for the glory of God.

Part 1: Nearsighted

An overview of Futures Thinking and why it matters so much.

Chapter 1: The Future Belongs to the Curious
Chapter 2: Into the Unknown
Chapter 3: The Four Forces
Chapter 4: The Eight Intersections

Part 2: The Futures Framework

Gaining clarity about your preferred future using the eight part futures framework

Chapter 5: Identify
Chapter 6: Relate
Chapter 7: Belong
Chapter 8: Gather
Chapter 9: Design
Chapter 10: Collaborate
Chapter 11: Scale
Chapter 12: Impact

Part 3: Farsighted

How to craft a strategy to usher in your preferred future

Chapter 13: Curiosity in Action
Chapter 14: Paper Rockets
Chapter 15: Infinite Possibilities

Next Steps

You are about to be reminded that you were created for vision.

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